Yellow or Stained Teeth

There are two types of stains that cause teeth to become darker, internal and external stains.

External stains

External stains are cause by things that tend to stick to the outside of the teeth. This includes coffee, tea, tobacco, and soda. The good news is that these stains can be easily polished off with a professional cleaning.

Internal stains

Internal stains are caused by a variety of factors. Some factors include age, trauma, previous root canal treatment, tetracycline use (at a very young age), and more. Depending on the cause, it can be harder to correct an internal stain, however, your best chance is with a professionally made tray that delivers prescription strength whitening agents to your teeth. Things that don’t work for internal stains include whitening toothpastes and polishing.

Staining of previous dental work

It is also possible that stains are caused by fillings that have been placed in your front teeth that are leaking around the edges, causing various bacteria and food stains to develop.

For any scenario, we can give you a better diagnosis if you come see us for a consultation.